Mystery Stone

Mystery Stone

At some point between 2020-10-09 and 2021-04-12, I put on a stone.

I don't know when I put that stone on, because I stopped weighing myself in October 2020. Mostly because I couldn't be bothered to get the scales out from their hiding place.


Fitbit says I am obese. Although, the scales have always said I was obese, and I used to be just over 15 stone when I first got the scales. I certainly don't feel obese. Whatever obese is supposed to feel like

I don't really feel like I'm any larger than I used to be, although my size L shirts are a bit tighter than they used to be, so that is quite telling!

Anyway, I'm not all that bothered. I suppose I should probably go out and buy some bigger clothes. Or do what I'm best at and overanalyse it:

Potential Causes

Sedentary lifestyle

Probably this, to be honest. I don't really move about all that much. My job and my hobbies all happen at my desk.

I'm actually quite tall for my height


Yeah, probably also this. Drinking from home a lot more these days.

Quit Smoking

They do say that weight goes up when you quit smoking - but I'm not really sure my appetite went up after I quit (just over 6 months ago at the time of writing)


Duh. Here are some recent food photos I have taken on my phone

I eat things like this too often. But it was fucking delicious
Jamie makes really nice bread. It also goes nicely dipped in a pot noodle.
I think Kathrin had maybe 4 of these.
I think we buy vegetables exclusively to chuck into the compost
I got these for my birthday (end of May). There is one bar left.


Move more

This one is pretty obvious really... burn more calories than I consume. My Fitbit tells me that playing an hour of Beat Saber counts as an aerobic workout.

Highway to the Fat-burn Zone!

This is a pretty fun way to get moving, to be honest. I've tried running/jogging before and it always ends up with me wondering why the fuck anyone would put themselves through it.

Might buy a bike at some point - I used to like cycling before I moved to London.

Probably should go out for more walks. I expect that will be good for the ol' noggin as well as my belly.

Quit Beer

No. I already gave up one vice - I like beer a lot more than I liked smoking. And I fucking loved smoking. (Feel much better for not smoking, mind)

Drink Less Beer

Probably sensible. I don't need to have a beer (or sometimes two or three) with dinner every night. And, actually I can often go weeks without drinking at all - so I'll probably just drink less beer. Or switch to gin + slims 🥱


It's pretty fucking obvious where that extra stone came from.